Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Think It's .... LOVE ....

Zakim Bridge and TD Garden - Sunset Cruise.
You see I've spent many a weekends in Boston, a few years ago. I have friends who went to Harvard and while I was stuck at my job from hell, weekends in Boston were my escape. It was then that this love affair began. Everything about this city, is wonderful .... everything besides the winters!

So, in April, when I was offered an internship in Boston, it was a no brainer! (Read more about the internship here and here.)

I've been here for over 7 weeks now and I've done some (not nearly enough) sightseeing. So, this post is mainly just all the pictures I've accumulated from my random exploring/sightseeing of Boston.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halfway Mark - Part II

Here's my follow-up to Part I ....

Oh, you know - just a patio in the front of the building - where we have lunch. No big deal
Because New Balance is an athletic shoe (& apparel) company, there's a huge emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle. They have yoga and bootcamp classes, during lunch and after work! They also have bikes that people can rent.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OOTD: Stripes, Pink, & Denim

Dress: Belle Du Jour from Macy's (Old)
Wedges: Kenneth Cole
Bracelets: Lucky Brand and Forever 21
Necklace: Loehmann's
Ever since I moved to Boston, I haven't had a chance to do outfit posts. It's just that my apartment has terrible lighting, for selfies and I have nobody to take pics of me! :(

Monday, July 16, 2012

Halfway Mark - Part I

I still remember the morning of 4/9/2012, like it was yesterday. That was the day I got the call from New Balance, offering me my current internship. I got the call, just as I was waking up, at around 8 am and I ran downstairs, screaming, to tell my mom. I was happy, elated, thrilled - not just because I had finally landed an internship, but because I had landed THE ONE. Before I got this internship, I dealt with months of applications and rejections. It was tough, at times, to have any faith. I thought I'd spend the summer, without an internship, maybe working at a retail store to save up some money. When I got this internship, however, I felt like it had all paid off. The rest of April and the entire month of May just seemed too long. I was supposed to start my internship on June 4th and I couldn't wait!