Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Think It's .... LOVE ....

Zakim Bridge and TD Garden - Sunset Cruise.
You see I've spent many a weekends in Boston, a few years ago. I have friends who went to Harvard and while I was stuck at my job from hell, weekends in Boston were my escape. It was then that this love affair began. Everything about this city, is wonderful .... everything besides the winters!

So, in April, when I was offered an internship in Boston, it was a no brainer! (Read more about the internship here and here.)

I've been here for over 7 weeks now and I've done some (not nearly enough) sightseeing. So, this post is mainly just all the pictures I've accumulated from my random exploring/sightseeing of Boston.

A View of Boston Downtown - from the sunset harbor cruise.
Boston Downtown, all lit up

The USS Constitution, at sunset - as we waited, on our cruise ship, for the cannon shot and flag lowering.

Acorn St - In Boston's historic Beacon Hill Neighborhood.

Acorn Street, from the other side.
Beaver St, Beacon Hill
Fountain at Boston Common
Little bridge in Boston Public Garden

I've fallen so deeply and hopelessly, in love, with the architecture in Boston. There are a lot more pictures so stay tuned ....