Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halfway Mark - Part II

Here's my follow-up to Part I ....

Oh, you know - just a patio in the front of the building - where we have lunch. No big deal
Because New Balance is an athletic shoe (& apparel) company, there's a huge emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle. They have yoga and bootcamp classes, during lunch and after work! They also have bikes that people can rent.

They have murals in the stairs, to motivate employees to take the stairs vs the elevator.

And they have these super cool exercise balls, for people to sit on - 

They also have team meetings at the community row house. Yes, I'm serious! On Wednesday, in my 2nd week, we had a team building offsite, for which we went to Community Rowing Inc. The day started off with some super fun, team building exercises, after which we did some warm-up, on rowing machines. This was followed by a couple hours of rowing on The Charles. After rowing, we had a scrumptious lunch from Panera and held our team meeting. Not bad for an all day team meeting, huh?

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm sure you've seen me talk about what an incredible time I'm having at my internship. What I love the most about this internship is the fact that the people I work with have a tremendous amount of faith in my and my work. My manager, on my first day, went over the main projects I'd be working on. From there, he said he asked me to use my judgement and go about these projects as I saw fit. I have one formal meeting with my manager, every week. During this meeting we just talk about where I stand and where I'm going, with my projects. Other than that, I pretty much just do my thing and run whatever thoughts/questions I have, by him, on a need-be basis. This faith, to me, means everything. It motivates me to bring my best to the job, day after day. The level of independence I have, has helped in cultivating my confidence, in myself.

I have the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects. Also, I've already worked on reports that have been sent directly to clients - this is one of the most incredible feelings, ever! At six weeks in, I've wrapped up one of my projects and am getting close to wrapping up another project. Though I'm nowhere near ready for this to be over, I am excited for the remaining six weeks and hope to make a significant contribution towards meeting the needs of the company.

Btw, let me not forget the awesome perks of this job! The ton of swag I get - 

We also get (really long) visits from some super cool celebrities - 

This guy hangs out, right outside the coffee room.
I am just having the time of my life, interning at New Balance, this summer and I wish it would never end. Not only do they treat their employees well, but they also make the best sneakers in the market. Keep that in mind, the next time you're in the market for new sneakers! ;)

Thanks for reading!