Monday, August 13, 2012

The Little Black Dress

So, a couple weeks ago, I got this email from my friend - 

Hello My Personal Style Expert :)!
So I bought this dress. Now I know it looks like a simple black dress but it looks really nice on! Very fitted yet figure flattering. My question to you is how can I dress it up? Accessories? Hair/Makeup?
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated,

Then she suggested I do 3 different looks I thought it was a brilliant idea. So, here are 3 different ways to style your LBD! I picked an Asos peplum dress. Peplum is one of my favorite silhouettes and I think a black peplum dress is a closet essential. 

This is just a simple look with a little dash of color and pattern. The optional blazer can make it even more formal.

This look is definitely one I would wear! I'm all about color and the pink and turquoise together are super fun!

Another look I would most certainly wear! I'm obsessed with neon so, I love the dash of neon in this look. Also, the skull ring adds edge.

What do you guys think? Which look is your favorite? Please let me know if you wanna know about where any of the items is from!