Sunday, March 24, 2013

ProFlowers Review - Scammed

I know ProFlowers has been around for a while but this is my first personal experience with them and it was so awful that I had to share with you guys!

For my birthday a couple weeks ago, Sheela sent me 2 dozen roses. When I received the package, I was so excited but I was a bit confused when I opened it. Here's a picture of what they looked like
I was confused because I know that Sheela would NEVER send me these flowers - she would send me something way more colorful. Also, the flowers were not fresh at all. Oh, AND these roses had no fragrance. At all! How's that even possible?

So, the next day I call Proflowers and I told them I received these awful, stale flowers and the lady told me she'll re-order the 2 dozen rainbow roses for me. Rainbow roses???? Yea, that's what Sheela had ordered for me - makes a lot more sense. Except when I looked for the rainbow roses bouquet on their site, this is the picture I saw
Well, you guys see the problem, right? She ordered a birthday bouquet and I received a funeral bouquet. I told the lady on the phone that my bouquet had literally ONE colored rose. So, she says to me that the colored roses must not have passed the quality control check. I mean, what the eff kinda bullshit is that? So, if someone orders a bouquet of white flowers and the white flowers don't pass their QC check, they send a bouquet of bright ass flowers? That's stupid! Anyways, I decided I'll wait for them to resend me the bouquet. Well, a few days later, I received my reorder and this is what it looked like
No, this is not the same bouquet from the first picture. This is what they sent me the second time around. I mean, are they kidding me? Once again, the same ONE colored rose!! I mean, they looked slightly fresher the second time around but still - NOT what Sheela had ordered! This is insulting and it's a freakin' scam! I eventually told Sheela what had happened and she said she called them the minuted I posted the first picture on Instagram because she was upset when she saw what they had sent me!

Also, on the phone, the lady told me they send buds coz they want us to "see the roses bloom". Well, I followed all the instructions they sent to the T and, over a week later, 80% of the buds didn't bloom Mostly coz they were stale to begin with. The buds just died, as buds.

So, I will NEVER use ProFlowers. Ever. And you shouldn't either. Save your money and a lot of disappointment. Have you guys had any experience with ProFlowers? Or other such companies? Is there one that you guys prefer? I'm not wrong to be upset, am I?

UPDATE: After I tweeted this post, someone from ProFlowers CS contacted me, asking me to call them. So, I did. Basically, I was told that the bouquet Sheela picked is one of the lower end (or discounted) bouquets and it's supposed to be an assortment of roses. Essentially, what it means is that since it's not ridiculously expensive, they just throw in whatever stale, colorless, roses they did not want to put in the more expensive bouquets. Anyways, Sheela has since been given credit for the bouquet she sent (ProFlowers credit). Also, they are now sending me a third bouquet! This time, however, they're sending me a different one - one that's "guaranteed" to have a lot of bright flowers. I told her it wasn't just a color issue. The first bouquet was actually stale!

Anyways, you know how I feel about the third bouquet? Whatever. They should've gotten it right the first time. Or, at least, the second damn time.