Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Announcement

You guys might have seen my tweets and facebook posts about an exciting announcement coming to the blog. I have been dying to share this with you guys and finally, here it is ....

S&S is getting a beauty expert, ya'll! My best friend, my personal beauty guru, my confidante and my voice of reason - Sheela! After a year of nagging her, she has finally decided to join S&S! Sheela and I have been best friends since 2002 and she's like the sister I never had. She and I have seen each other through lots of ups and downs and she's always been my rock. I am so thrilled to be doing this with her. S&S is only getting bigger and better and I'm sure you guys are going to love her!

Sheela and me, at her 2011 wedding in India!

Sheela, who's been a Sephora VIP for years, knows everything about everything when it comes to beauty! When I go to Sephora, or any other beauty store with her, she always knows more than the trained employees there. She's a subscriber to various beauty publications and magazines, and will be joining the blog to share all her beauty knowledge and to answer all your beauty-related questions!

The best part is that her expertise comes from her personal experiences and when she vouches for a product, I trust her. I honestly couldn't think of a better person to bring to S&S!

The summer just came to an end and with months of exposing skin and hair to the harsh sun and, and pool and ocean waters, it's time to fix all the damage! Stay tuned for Sheela's first post - coming to the blog on Monday - where she talks about her end of summer essentials!

Once again, I hope you will help me welcome Sheela to S&S!

Welcome to your new playground, boo!