Thursday, April 4, 2013

April's Covet List

Bag / Dress / Boots / Bracelet / Pants / Necklace
Bag: Y'all probably already recognize the bag! I've always wanted this bag and I absolutely love it in this beautiful, pastel color!

Dress: Well, black & white is one of THE hottest trend this spring. What I love about this dress is that the white part is actually faux leather. I already have another piece in white faux leather and I feel like it's the perfect mix of summer+girly+edgy.

Boots: These boots are pretty much a far more affordable version of the Chloƫ studded boots. I absolutely love them - they're super versatile and edgy.

Bracelet: I am sort of obsessed with animal bangles of this kind, and I already own a couple (seen here, here, here, here, to mention a few). J.Crew puts out a new animal bangle every season and I love each and every one. This one, however, is a bit special because I've always been in awe of dolphins - they fascinate me!

Pants: Military-inspired is another huge trend this spring so, I feel like I pretty much need these ankle skinnies, no?

Necklace: You might have noticed in some of my recent posts (like this one) that lately I've been gotten into stacking multiple little pendant necklaces. I've gathered quite a few necklaces and this would be the perfect addition!

What are you coveting right now?